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Record and share updates and trainings enterprise teams can listen to on demand

 On-demand access: Give your frontline team just-in-time access to information, briefings, and training materials.

 Improved communications: Encourage two-way engagement from your field sales team with the ability to comment on each episode.

 Measure impact: Understand who is listening on your team by tracking listenership data with our advanced analytics tools.

 Secure messages: Protect your team's internal communications from unauthorized access. No more worrying about audio messages leaking out.

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“You don’t need to have high-tech tools to [start a private podcast]. Storyboard makes it easy with their recording features and they are coming out with new features all the time.” Julie McGoldrick, AVP, Learning and Development at Insurity
“We needed a way to share success stories and best practices from the people doing the work. [Storyboard] was a way to involve our frontline employees in learning from each other.” Amy Klawitter, Manager of Learning and Development at USG
“In the first few months, the common theme among the agents who listened [to the podcast] was that they seemed to be our top performers.” John Mackarewicz, President and CEO at Mark Spain Real Estate
“[Our team can now] hear and actively feel like they're a part of what's going on every single month or however often we put a podcast out.” Kyle Wiesen, Recruiter at Grand Island Express
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Unlock the power of your team communications

With Storyboard, you can create and distribute private podcasts and audio content to your team, no matter where they are.

You can deliver just-in-time training, share success stories, and interview leaders across your company.

And our interactive features allow your employees to ask follow-up questions and provide feedback in an encrypted and secure environment.

How SWBC Mortgage uses Storyboard to keep its team connected

Listen as Greg Goodman, Area Manager of SWBC Mortgage, shares how podcasting has improved team engagement, helped retain talent, and given him back time to focus on other priorities.

"[Storyboard] actually helped us grow our team. It's helped me retain loan officers too because I've been able to stay more connected to them. They feel a sense of connection to me through the podcast. So it's allowed me more time. It's freed up more time for me to recruit more loan officers and to stay present, to stay top of mind, because there's a lot of companies out there that recruit, that try to recruit, our staff."

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